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Lake Las Vegas

M Con, Inc. has received many jobs from Lake Las Vegas, including 6A Sewer and Parker Point. 6A Sewer was a job given to M Con, Inc. The job started in June of 2017 and was completed. The job involved the installation of a water quality sewer main that ran across Lake Las Vegas Parkway. The workers ran into a few issues during the job. There was a 16” gas line that directly intersected the newly installed sewer main. To resolve the conflicting issue, M Con, Inc. had to coordinate with Southwest Gas to lower the existing line. There were also pre-existing power lines and an additional two water mains found at the end, one 16" and the other 20", that had to be raised as well. But in the end, the job proceeded without an issue.


Parker Point was a job that M Con, Inc. received earlier this year. The company worked on water and sewer for a residential subdivision in Lake Las Vegas. There were several men on the job; all trusted to do the job right. The project started in June of 2017. The workers installed a sewer force main, a sewer main, a water main, water services, an irrigation meter, irrigation services, polymer manholes, water quality sewer laterals, and a storm drain. During this project, there was a significant amount of groundwater. Because of the presence of groundwater, an additional depth of three feet had to be dug. Filter fabric and drain rock had to be put down in order to prevent groundwater and make way for the rest of the project.


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